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Quick Start Guide

Log siding can be easy to install with the right tools. About half of Modulog installations are done by the homeowner perhaps with the help of a friend or relative while the other half doesn’t have the time or inclination and hires a local contractor to perform the work. The Installation Guide video will show you each phase of the job and will also familiarize you with the few construction techniques that differ from ordinary siding installation. We recommend watching our step by step video instruction to learn more about the Modulog package.

Start with the Takeoff Sheet

worksheet for measuring your home So that the correct amount of siding is delivered to your site the measurement of the areas to be covered are needed. Use the Modulog Takeoff Sheet to record the dimensions of the project. Download the file and print it out to use as a worksheet and checklist while measuring. Be sure to include the gables, all doors and windows as well as the number of corners, then count the quantity of accessories and trim and color of stain desired. Modulog Takeoff Sheet can also be downloaded from the Request Quote page

Tools and Techniques

An installation booklet is available to download.

"Modulog made my dream of having a log home come true. My home went from a ranch style home to log siding in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Modulog for giving me my dream home. I would recommend this company to everyone looking for log siding."

Nancy S. Portland, OR

"We love our new "log home" and our friends are always amazed to learn it's a siding. It was the perfect option for us! ... it is an amazing transformation to the feel of our whole property. "

Cara & James T. Granite Falls, WA

"We are so glad we made the decision to go with Modulog. Our home was completely transformed. It's a joy to see every time we come home."

Kevin K. Canton, TX

"I am so happy with the final result of my house."

Adona R. Aumsville, OR

"Awesome product which enhanced our vacation home!...Sean was exceptional to work with!...Worked with me to meet the requested delivery schedule..."

Larry N. Bayfield, CO

"Not only knowledgeable but answered all of our questions and worked side-by-side with us through each step of the process. I felt that we were all a team, working together. There was no strife and when we talked about adding a project inside our home, it was met with excitement. It all turned out so beautifully and transformed our home!!!"

Gayle R. Birkenfeld, OR